Writing Guidelines

  • All the abstracts must have margins of 2,5 cms on all sides of the page. in a Word (.doc) document.
  • The titles in Turkish and English must be written in size 12.
  • The first name(s) of the writer(s) must be lower case and the surname(s) must be in upper case and located on the middle of the page.
  • The institutions and titles of the writer(s)’ must be written in size 10 and department and contact address must be in size 8.
  • The abstracts must have 300-750 words and are expected to be typed in Times New Roman size 10 with 3-5 keywords. 
  • The abstracts must include purpose, method, findings and results (for completed studies).
  • Submissions of the abstracts and full articles will be made via “Registration and Submission” link.
  • The abstracts must have one interlinear space and justified on both sides.
  • The full articles mustn’t  be more than 15 pages including references.
  • Section titles must be typed in upper case and sub-titles must be typed in lower case, short and bold characters. The main sections must be sequenced as INTRODUCTION, METHOD, FINDINGS, DISCUSSION, RESULTS AND SUGGESTIONS, REFERENCES.
  • Full articles must be designed as  APA5 for in-text citations, references and tables.
  • For detailed info,  you can apply, http://www.apastyle.org/learn/index.aspx.  
  • The figures and tables must be located in related parts of the article and each of them must have a number and footnotes. If there is a reference, it must be shown in parenthesis. The figures must have 3 cm space from the left part of the page. The titles and numbers of the tables must be written at the top of the table justified the left and the content of the table must be written after the table number. Each word must have an uppercase in table title. There shouldn’t be no words on the both sides of the table. There shouldn’t be lines in the tables except the category names. Please refer the template.



Please design your abstract according to the template below and submit it. CLICK HERE


Please design your article according to the template below and submit it. CLICK HERE